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General Contractors

Our expertise spans various architectural styles, from farmhouse-style home remodeling to building your dream colonial-style home. We excel in custom-designed projects that reflect your unique vision.

Home Remodeling

Whether it’s a kitchen renovation or reviving colonial architecture within your home, our team pays meticulous attention to detail. We create cozy condominium retreats and enhance terraced houses.

Home Builder

As home builders in Spokane, WA, we’re well-versed in various architectural styles, from classic colonial homes to farmhouse-inspired residences. We specialize in crafting dream homes.

Building Additions

Our building addition services are designed to expand your existing structure seamlessly, enhancing functionality and aesthetics. We specialize in crafting additions that perfectly integrate with your home’s design.

Historical Home Repairs

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Contemporary House Building

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New Structure

Whether it’s a Duplex for dual living, an American Craftsman masterpiece, a Villa for upscale living, or a Victorian house, we construct from the ground up. Our expert team ensures precision and attention to detail in every project.

New Room

We seamlessly integrate new rooms that complement your existing structure and architectural style, ensuring a cohesive and functional living space. Enhance your living space with our New Room Addition service.

Home Reconstruction Service

We bring classical mansions, mansion blocks, and Mediterranean and English manor structures back to life, paying homage to their classical roots. Our artisans ensure authenticity and longevity in every creation by combining trendy precision with traditional touch.

New Construction

From high-end finishes and cutting-edge technology to meticulous attention to detail, we create residences that redefine modern luxury, providing unparalleled comfort and elegance for our clients.

Home Extensions Service

Whether you desire a classical mansion, mansion block, Mediterranean, or English manor-style extension, our team excels in preserving timeless charm while adding contemporary functionality. 

Custom Designed Projects

Whether you aspire to update the interior of your ranch-style house or add character to your bungalow, our custom-designed projects are tailored to your vision. 

Complete Overhaul Repair Projects

We specialize in comprehensive overhauls, breathing new life into Tudor, federal colonial, and many more. Our dedication to preserving classical aesthetics shines through every detail, ensuring your property remains a timeless masterpiece.

Single-Family Home Construction

Our single-family home construction service is second to none when creating the perfect dream home. With attention to detail and a commitment to quality, we transform your ideas into a stunning, lasting residence you’ll be proud to call home.

Guest House or ADU Construction

We handle all the necessary permits and regulations, ensuring your ADU is functional and compliant with local building codes. Our objective is to design a useful and visually beautiful room, adding to the value of your home.

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